Actively Aging

Whether you’re an elite level athlete, or simply someone who enjoys a leisurely walk from time to time, there’s something that we all have in common – aging.

So, how do you maintain an active lifestyle as you age, or begin engaging in more activity to better your health later in life? How do you actively age?

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There we were, August 2015 about ready to leave Manitou Springs, Colorado (Elevation 6,412’) and run 13.2 miles up to the summit of Pikes Peak (Elevation 14,115’), just to turn around and run right back down. It’s the Pikes Peak Marathon and it’s widely known as Americas Ultimate Challenge.

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During my yearlong study binge on longevity, I came across the concept of game theory. There are many different ideas about game theory but I want us to focus on the idea of finite games verses infinite games.

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Ron Bogart Comment

Why in the world do we need another online community? There is literally a group out there for everything. There are groups for people who lift, groups for people who run, and groups for people who lift the people that run. I mean seriously what’s missing?

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